Keyboard World has a large selection of acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and amplifiers. We also carry all the accessories like strings, capos, slides, tuners, picks, cases, stands, etc. as well as music books. In this day of buying sight unseen or unheard instruments online, our customers enjoy being able to touch and play and select the guitar they want. Our prices are competitive with online websites, but our guitars are actually taken out of the box, tuned and set up for our customers. Every guitar is carefully examined before we accept it into our inventory and receives a stock number. We never buy B or C stock guitars that do not pass quality control standards. Many of these seconds are sold online to unsuspecting customers since the boxes are never opened.

If you don’t know guitars you should know your guitar dealer.

Lifetime warranty

Every guitar we sell at Keyboard World comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If you ever have a problem, simply bring the guitar into Keyboard World and our repair person will examine and fix any minor problems. If he deems the guitar is defective in any way, we will get a return authorization from the manufacturer and 90% of the time they will replace the guitar with a brand new guitar. Ron has dealt with his suppliers for 36 years and if we call with a problem there are no questions asked, however, the warranty will not be honored if negligence is determined.

We offer in house guitar repairs and restringing.

Samick Jazz Box Guitars NEW Stock!