Keyboard World has the largest selection of new and pre-owned Lowrey organs anywhere. We probably have 75% of all the Lowrey organs made since 1990 in stock. We can find the right instrument within your budget easily. We also take trade-ins in case you already have an organ and want to get a newer or larger model. Ron Klinetob, the owner, will ask you some questions about your level of playing and explain features and differences in different models. Ron has always believed in showing people options that would make sense for their next model and then allowing customers to make their own decision. Ron’s guidance will help you make a well thought out decision.

1 year 100% trade up allowance

Keyboard World believes learning to make music is like climbing a ladder. Many people love music, but have never had the opportunity to learn how to play, and as a result they think they probably couldn’t learn to play. Our easy play lesson program, taught in a fun and socially stimulating class format, has taught thousands of doubters to make music the easy way for 36 years.

Our Quick Start 10 week class session is for total beginners. The cost is $19.95 for all 10 weeks total, plus $10.00 for the music. You’ll learn to play your first 10 songs in 10 weeks. We will loan you a keyboard to use for the 10 week session so you can practice and play at home.

At the end of the first 10 week session should you want to continue classes we have very affordable options available for you to buy. Whenever you make a purchase, we allow you a 100% trade allowance for a full year if you ever want to trade up to a bigger or newer instrument. Ron has always offered students a chance to grow with their playing ability as they learn to play better. No one ever needs to trade but like most hobbies as we become better educated and our abilities increase, we may want to get better tools to enhance our hobby. An artist might want better paints or brushes or quality canvas. A golfer might want better clubs. A seamstress might want a better sewing machine. Many of our students grow so passionate about making music and play for hours every day that they take advantage of our generous trade up policy that allows them to grow with their ability and enjoyment.