Adult music is making classes are still getting started. New people added every week. You do not need to know a THING… We’ll teach you from the VERY BEGINNING.

I always wanted to learn how to play a piano and thought that it was impossible. In January 1992, I was passing by Keyboard World in the mall at that time and decided to check out lessons there. On January 23, 1992, I began taking piano lessons, and unfortunately developed carpal tunnel and could not play. I ended up having surgery. Ron Klinetob (owner) said I needed to come back and join the classes for Easy Play. I didn’t think this was possible either, but found out differently. I worked, so I went to class as much as possible and I am still going every week to date. I have found this to be the best hobby of my life. I found music to be my stress reliever as well as enjoyment. Easy play Is exactly what it is…learning to play easily and enjoy being with the other students in the class. We are like family enjoying our time together with laughter and fun. We go to theater plays together, picnics, covered dish gatherings at Keyboard World and many other fun things. So if you are feeling bored, alone or have an urge to play music, I recommend trying Keyboard Music classes. You can try it out for $19.95 for a ten week session and they even give you a keyboard to take home during this trial period. It’s a great fun time and since you are among friends, no one judges you on how well (or not) that you play.
I have been going to Keyboard World for around 13 years now.  And I can honestly say it is one of  the best decision I have ever made.  My mother played piano and I always wanted to be able to play like she did.  Lowery Easy Play is an  absolutely simple way of learning to play in a very short time. It is my stress relief along with new found friends who are like family.  We have so much fun at different gatherings through out the year and most of the time at no additional cost. We have inquired a life long friendship of classmates who is there to support each other, no matter what the case may be.  Ron and Diane are the best ever and they do all they can to make our groups have fun while learning to play.  If you purchase an organ from them, it doesn’t stop there – they just keep on giving you help learning how to get the most out of your Lowery organ..  There an amazing couple loved by all there students. 
Judy Golliday
I have been coming to Keyboard World for 1 year and I love it! The people are wonderful and kind! Diane Klinetob is a great instructor and Ron Klinetob is very knowledgeable about all the instruments! They have great selections of Organs and if you don’t have one when you start class they will loan you one! i have purchased 2 of them, I got to trade in the first one for the 2nd one just like the one I am playing here in the picture and I love it! It is a fun place to go and learn how to play an organ! It is so easy anyone can do it!
Debbie Boone:
I took piano for a short time when I was a child but didn’t like to practice so I gave up. Many years later I wanted to try again but never did. Last year, a couple friends of mine invited me to join them at Keyboard World where they were learning to play the organ. I never imagined that I would enjoy it and now I can’t imagine my life without my organ and Ron and Diane Klinetob, who own Keyboard World! The classes are such fun and being 72 I’m with wonderful folks my age and each of us plays and each applauds the others and no one is criticized! My Dad sang and Mom played the piano and sang and our home was filled with music! Now I sit down at my organ and it’s so easy to fill our home with music and the joy in my heart is beyond words!
Ron and Diane are the most caring, enthusiastic, and happy people I know and I’m so grateful to call them my friends.
Join us at Keyboard World and I promise you that your heart and home will be filled with music even if you’ve never touched a keyboard in your life!